Dragon City - Residential Community

Incredibly planned by Nakheel, Dubai's famed Dragon City is a spectacular 11 million square foot commerce, a residential, and recreational destination that adds 3.7 million square feet of additional urbanized space to the already-existing Dragon Mart 1 and 2. The further stages of Dragon Mart offer 1.3 million square feet of brand-new leasable retail space and showroom-style retail units with an unwavering outside right of access. Dragon Mart stands out as the leading Chinese trading hub outside of mainland China.

Thanks to cutting-edge amenities and facilities that effortlessly and cleverly suit all residents' needs, this community aspires to offer the highest levels of luxury and comfort possible. It is common knowledge that where you live, work, or conduct business matters more than you realize. Therefore, research the area, its amenities, and its services before selecting a property.