Naseej District - Residential Community

A highly regarded neighborhood, Naseej District, was established by Arada Developer and is a component of the Aljada neighborhood. A community dedicated to promoting culture, design, and the arts. It is being marketed as Sharjah's first creative destination and consists of 16 apartment towers that offer several sleek and modern apartments in different layouts. This neighborhood is being planned and envisaged as a destination for people looking for unique and exciting cultural events. It will also be home to some of the best talents.

The first residential project in this beautiful neighborhood, Tiraz, was released by the developer as a way of keeping up with the times. There will be 128 apartments in the building, all of which have views of open courtyards and garden spaces. The Naseej community's inhabitants and guests will enjoy a wide range of excellent cultural, artistic, and shopping destinations outside their front doors. The neighborhood is ready to capture the interest of those who wish to join this development, thanks to its proximity to important landmarks and well-known locations.