Khalifa City - Residential Community

An off-island suburban hub has grown up around Khalifa City. Through building thousands of residences, schools, stores, and recreational facilities, Khalifa City has evolved from a place to buy a house to a place to live. Khalifa City has expanded into an off-island suburban hub as Abu Dhabi's population and housing demand have increased. Khalifa City contains thousands of homes, like schools, businesses, and recreation centers, but it has only recently changed from a location to a residence. 

About 25 kilometers from Abu Dhabi and adjacent to the Abu Dhabi International Airport, Khalifa City A lies on the main road leading to Dubai. Khalifa City serves as the headquarters for Etihad Airways. Al Raha Beach is near Khalifa City A, which has 600–700 homes. In addition to numerous international hotels, this project will also comprise residential and commercial spaces. Aldar Properties is undertaking the project.